Monarch Cakes

Iconic as far as cake shops in Melbourne go. Truly THE Monarch.

It seems that nothing has changed about the Eastern European cakes or the old world charm decor at Monarch’s since they opened in 1934, especially the bee line most people make towards it when in the sea side suburb St. Kilda. And that is exactly what makes it a reassuring and an exquisite delight every time: it’s consistent unassuming perfection that keeps you coming back for more.

But don’t just take my word for it. The Age Epicure, Vogue Magazine, Melbourne Magazine, Lonely Planet, SBS Food Guide of Australia, The Getaway television program, Coxy’s Guide to Victoria, The Disney Channel, MTV Asia, MTV Germany, numerous Asian travel and lifestyle programs, almost every Melbourne travel guide book, Tourism Australia, Qantas Airlines, Hong Kong’s top end fashion magazine ‘Jessica’, The New York Times all wholeheartedly agree.

Cake is my Love language

Lorena Guzman


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