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PFI’s Mission Statement

Core Concept~

Passionista Femme International is a focus on women’s voices and perspectives not echoed in the mainstream.

This isn’t just a blog. It’s an emerging platform for empowering, positive cross cultural communication.

Passionista Femme International covers the culture of the heart and the art of culture.

Main Principle ~

The belief that the diverse expression of human beings is beautiful and that we should seek not only to tolerate or understand each others cultures, but to enjoy them.

Uplifting empowerment comes from open hearts that listen. In this way our genuine selves can emerge and true connection is possible, from which comes stimulating growth and healing.

The Topics in a Snapshot ~

All things under the sun that I find interesting and am passionate about.

Everything from lifestyle, people and places, humour, music and memories, and France.  It’s no secret that I am more than passionate about French culture, Paris in particular. Expect to see several posts by this avowed Francophile.

I am in the process of producing a couple of interesting documentaries which are at various stages. To the extent that it is possible, I will share what is happening with these projects.

Who is This For? ~

This is a blog by a strong woman who values a life of education, pleasure, respect, non violence and believes that empowerment and happiness can be achieved for men and women by drawing from various cross cultural perspectives.

I could imagine nothing better than to create a community of interesting and respectful thinking people, who wish to bring beauty and dignity to this world, with style.

So enjoy your time here. Read a post, share your own or contact me.

Most importantly: Be yourself with confidence and positivity.

Colombia Murals
A motorcyclist rides past a mural with a message that reads in Spanish: “Peace is ours!,” along one of the main avenues in downtown Bogota, Colombia, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013. The mural was painted as part of a street-art contest by graffiti artists organized in August for the capital’s 475th anniversary celebrations. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)


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