Art Museum Hunger Tours

Clever people will tell you not to do a few things on an empty stomach:

  • grocery shopping
  • take medicines
  • sleep
  • drink alcohol
  • parenting
  • have an important conversation
  • argue with your significant other
  • look after children
  • chew gum
  • exercise
  • study
  • make any decision, unless you enjoy regret
  • go on a long drive
  • go to an expensive restaurant
  • kiss

To this list I will add an unexpected item, and that is:

Failing to heed to this list may result in agonising, wasteful experiences that involve not fully appreciating the late 1800s post impressionist use of Sennelier fine oil paints in heavy brush strokes as mastered by Cezanne, making those apples and pears leap to life. Let the drooling begin.

I really should have at least taken some snacks or jelly beans on our visit to Musée de l’Orangerie, because by the time we got to this section, I was not so much viewing artwork, as hungrily devouring the artwork.

It starts rather innocuously, a few pieces of fruit left strewn on a bare table carelessly … yet vibrant

Before you know it you’re wondering if the table of snacks informally laid out has come to the rescue. And was the remainder of that bread once a baguette? In exactly what order does one consumes the fruit platter, bread, wine combination?

A close up zoom in on the fruit.. I think Cezanne was hungry when he was painting these. The platter must have been neatly arranged, he grabbed one at the wrong angle and they rolled off the plate..

I see barbecue or beef fillet marinated in lemon and cooked in garlic.. this is just cruel…

Renoir sets the table, with a beautiful table cloth, serving what looks to be the pick of the crop in porcelain bowls. Those peaches so ripe, the light giving the impression we’re outside. Eating al fresco enhancing flavours on the palate. Each scene, perfection. Freshly picked strawberries bursting with colour and hints tea is on offer? .. a half cut lemon and possibly honey in a gorgeous blue and white jar.. cascades of fruit on waterfalls of soft linen.. famished!

Et voila! The other part of the baguette! This scene, all too real.. clean up time! The decadent meal of organic, pre-pesticide sprayed fruit, is over. Washing has been done. Dishes dried and our artist is possibly napping having accomplished the task of tempting us to share a virtual meal with him and leaving us with the forever longing…


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