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Lorena Guzman

I’m a Bolivian woman. Which means strength and passion are part of my DNA. Coming from the heart of South America, we know how to intensely Love and cherish life. We know what it is worth, how fragile and precious it is. The rich diversity of our culture and people expands our view in interesting ways from a young age. Each day is a sacred gift. Yet today, Australia is the country I  gladly call home.

I’m a mother of four awesome boys. Raising them to be awesome men and so far, so good.

Aside from my family, I have six great passions.

  • France.  I love everything about French culture and the people. It was my early exposure to French cinema via the French New Wave, that I decided to study Filmmaking and Media at uni.  My passion for France only grew stronger from the first time I went to Paris and ever since, being able to see that the dream which I’d idealised it to be, was very much real. The warmth of the people and beauty of the city overwhelmed me, nourished my soul and senses.
  • Photography.  I’ve been fortunate to translate this very personal passion into a profession to produce images that capture the essence of the moment or person. The pleasure of creating this alchemy is transcendent.
  • Filmmaking. As a graduate from RMIT with a B.A in Media & Communications, this was the path I started my early professional life in the area of documentary production. Now with my children more grown I’m able to better balance the nature of this work with family. I have 3 projects that are at various stages of production.  I freelance in this field, but in future, aim to have a production company where I can hire some of the great creative people I’ve encountered.
  • Writing.
  • Food. I prefer eating it than cooking, unless it’s for friends and family. The sensuality of food cannot be understated, which is precisely why one must take greater care preparing it and enjoying it.
  • Women’s Perspectives. I believe we’re at a unique point in time where a great range of women’s voices and perspectives are being heard.  This wave of rising female expression is a revelation and should be nurtured.  I’m actively involved, at a grass-roots level, with the promotion of such voices and finding ways to create a culture of non violence.  To create the complete picture of this world’s beauty we must ensure that women’s rights, dignity  and goals are respected, and that the wounds of the past are healed.

Joining these 6 worlds is my idea of heaven.

In essence I’m a kaleidoscopic being, deconstructing perceptions of reality through a prism of love and raw honest energy with style.

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