Melbourne Heritage Couture: Material By Product

Melbourne is a city spoilt for choice when it comes to life’s delicacies and delights.  Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is no exception.  With hundreds of  retailers and dozens of designers’ latest textile offerings to peruse, admire and purchase, the week will fly by. It was an honour to be invited by fashion designer Susan Dimasi… Read More Melbourne Heritage Couture: Material By Product

Filming ‘The Feminine Revolution’ trailer in Paris

In this documentary we’re exploring the existential and actual reality of the Parisian woman beyond the myths. How confronting do you dare be in an interview?  I’ll take you further. What’s the point of talking about anything unless it will be to express one’s truth with pure, raw honesty?  Parisians are great at this.  I love… Read More Filming ‘The Feminine Revolution’ trailer in Paris

Mission Statement

Core Concept~ Passionista Femme International focuses on women’s voices and perspectives not echoed in the mainstream media. It’s an emerging platform for empowering, positive cross cultural communication. Passionista Femme International covers the culture of the heart and the art of culture. The belief that the diverse expression of human beings is beautiful and that we… Read More Mission Statement

Fatal Red

A fairly reserved teenager, i pretty much didn’t date through most of highschool, until my last year, when a boy i liked told me my lips were “too fat”,  and it was said not at all in a complimentary way. 2 little words uttered by thin anglo celtic ones which stayed with me for a… Read More Fatal Red