The Passionista Femme International Facebook Page

In the past couple of days I created a new Facebook page, to join the ranks of so many others.  Not that I really have the time for it, in between producing a documentary trailer and caring for my 4 children, but I definitely have the inclination, so here it is:

Since I discovered what a feminist was, in my late teens, I’ve considered myself one.  It always seemed that was a valid label to appropriate when one wanted to reject certain perspectives that didn’t factor in a woman’s rights, opinion, needs.

My role models have not always been exclusively female however, more often than not they’ve been male, because I liked the unapologetic and confident manner of certain males to be who they wanted to be, say what they wanted to say and achieve in life.  My own father being the first role model I looked up to for his ability to embody both compassion, power, intelligence, respectfulness, non violence and dignity.  This is who he was when I was a child and continues to be.  Those qualities were my compass. As a very shy child, it took me a while to accommodate to these qualities among others, but with time and experience I feel comfortable with that development. I could elaborate more on the 7 wonders that is my father, but I’ll leave that for another post!

This post is about the Facebook page and the kernel that compelled me to create it.  Basically I love reading, hearing, learning, discovering about “how” women live.  The variety of perspectives fascinates me almost from a sociological view.  I adore difference and complexity.  I relish in the range of cultures on this planet that allow for an expression of this, simply due to geographical differences.  My upbringing was one where I was exposed to several ethnicities and my father would always tell us not to judge from our perspective, but to accept and try to understand difference with a sense of appreciation and respect.  More often than not, this is what I’ve tried to do.

I may not have been a feminist when I was a child or teenager, but I was taught by my father, to be confident, responsible, honest, positive, assertive and to look anyone in the eye, lowering my head to no one nor imposing on others to lower their heads to me.

On my internet surfing as I research and follow articles and threads which can expand my awareness of women’s perspectives and issues, struggles, etc, something keeps coming to my attention, which is increasingly unpleasant and disturbing under various banners of “feminism”. That is, the level of aggression being expressed for the slightest things to major topics, by men at times yes, but also by women.  If I couldn’t see their faces or names indicating gender, both voices often blend into the same vitriol and frankly I’ve had enough.

It troubles me that people are losing the ability to express themselves, and do so with a lack of civility.  Many of these “leaders” and influencers of the popular feminist movement being guilty of the same and perhaps claiming that good manners are a form of oppression. Rather than lowering the standard of equality to the worst behaviour of ill mannered, obnoxious men we should  raise the standards of civility, yes even online  (I hear the crickets chirping and I’m probably alone on this). Or is there a taboo on good manners?

Since when did equal rights mean equalling low standards of behaviour?

Achieving social justice for women is not only a woman’s issue.  It is one for all global citizens to tackle as the fallout from aggressive behaviour affects everyone in passive and more physical ways.  Therefore on this new page, I encourage the sharing of information, open discussions and communicating ideas by all who are interested in women’s issues without the aggression, insults, gender segregation and judgement over those who are not towing the unofficial women’s agenda line.

Feminism is not a religion but signs of its ultra orthodox are becoming visible.

I wanted to create a space where people could be informed about the lives of women internationally without feeling unwelcome or feeling they needed to buy into being xyz type of feminist or non feminist.  Those labels are starting to lose their shine.

We are a humanity, one, let’s learn about each other with fascination, awe and compassion.  Let’s encourage the best in each other, allowing a multiplicity of opportunities to create not destroy, and magnify whatever enjoyment we can bring to life, wherever we are. Let’s ease our suffering, not add to it.

Through this page you’ll get the low down on women’s lives from Bolivia to India, to L.A or the valleys in China. Listen with an open heart, discuss with a kind heart. It’s as simple as the by line reads:

Observe The World Women Experience Internationally.

A one stop go to page, for cross cultural news, lifestyle, politics, fashion, promoting gender harmony

We are all placed under the same bright star above us, we should enjoy its rays as they fall on this earth to illuminate, bring warmth and nurture us and our environment to grow. The page is only a couple of days old, your support shall be valued.

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