Creating Unity Between Bolivians

During the global pandemic lockdown, our main outlet for socialising was online. Zoom became synonymous with connecting with others, until in our isolation, even that became too much of an effort.

As an avid Twitterer, I was in touch with a huge Bolivian Twitter community who’d started regularly Tweeting about events in Bolivia since the election fraud of 2019. I decided to invite them to discuss how we could create unity amongst the diverse sectors of Bolivian society in an apolitical way. The following video is the result of one part of that conversation, and yes it is in Spanish.

Subsequent videos were not edited or uploaded due to the effects Melbourne’s 267 days of lockdown had on my energy levels and sense of well being.

Nevertheless, it’s worth sharing this honest conversation as it was one filled with much solidarity, hope, optimism and concern for our home country. My profound thanks to all the participants.


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