Cold Snap Zara Sales

There’s absolutely nothing I like about winter. Dark, grey skies, chapped lips, the bone chilling cold, the various stages of rain, winds, hail and lately snowy conditions are simply too bleak. My body is not responding well to it at all. Added to that is getting sick with a cold, my kids getting sick, work that progresses lugubriously and suddenly you feel that all this season is about, is survival.  But survive it we must.

One of the few redeeming aspects of this season, that doesn’t revolve around hot food/drinks, heating appliances or blankets, is that it is also SALES season! They’re on and they’re enough to shake you out of a polar bear hibernating slumber.

The best sales are the ones where you can find chic items with a price tag you don’t have to give much thought to, like this lovely sheer top at $35. (Buying sheer in winter, because we shop to Feel better, not just for the weather!)
At the moment, Zara is making the cold weather worth enduring with fabulous garments at ridiculous prices.  I took my sore throat, aching bones and congested head to the local shopping mall, not to indulge in retail therapy, but rather to find the soothing balm that would be more efficient than a Vics vapour rub, Codral or Sudafed.  The sale’s already been on for a week so I’ve missed the best buys, however, Zara rarely disappoints.
Here are some of the finds that stood out most for me.


My tastes do tend to favour monochrome tones, and whilst I like colour in clothing, I usually end up veering away from wearing them, even if they are in my closet, (unless it’s summer).






Ironically this caffe creme  seems to be the perfect colour palette for the garments that did catch my eye. It is advisable to refuel between shops, especially if you’ve been in long cues to get into the change rooms.  Regrettable impulse buys always happen when our blood sugar is low, and that in store lighting has worn away at our defences.


Seated beside me at the cafe were some very well dressed ladies, seemingly in their 50s, who had shopped till they nearly dropped and I found it so funny that they had taken their shoes off. Ok I found it funny only cause their feet didn’t smell! Otherwise I’d have requested they consider putting on their shoes.  But it was fine so no request was necessary.


So if you’re hating the winter as much as I am, head on out there, find a bargain sale that leaves you laughing and glad you left the warm, cozy, comfort of home, at least for a little while.



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