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Fatal Red

A fairly reserved teenager, i pretty much didn’t date through most of highschool, until my last year, when a boy i liked told me my lips were “too fat”,  and it was said not at all in a complimentary way.

2 little words uttered by thin anglo celtic ones which stayed with me for a long time. so much so i avoid color on my lips to draw less attention to their “fatness” and basically just use clear chapstick most of the time.

But there comes a time in a woman’s life,

trite as this may seem,

when she needs to find her perfect shade of RED!

a sanguine red that makes her feel like a lioness hunter after a kill.

a powerful red that without  any words, much less even a pout, can spout her exact attitude.

not an orange based red that hints at party and fun..

not a pink based red that is floral or overly flirty..

a pure red… that much like tribal warriors paint markings, summons her pure power.

Today i finally decided to find that red. I was ready! (full pun intended).
a Chanel red in feeling, but made by Maybelline, with the perfect name: Fatal Red

as i glide it on smoothly, to lips that seem to hunger for unmarked prey, I remember the thin lipped fool of a man that insulted my pucker.. if he were standing in front of me, fat lips red lined, , i’d raise my finger square in the centre, to fatally hush his stupidity.

without saying a single word, he would hear loud and clear, and read the red,

which pronounces:

‘Not Another Word’!

yes. this woman has found her power.


and in doing so, the words of all others, which would seek to disempower, have completely lost theirs.



About lorenaguzman (45 Articles)
I am a mother. A Bolivian woman living in Australia. Photographer/ documentary film maker, fighting against obstacles in my own path but also fighting in my own way to make this a more compassionate world. I am passionate about family, music, film, France. My identity is as a global citizen, lover of all things peaceful, beautiful, energising, interesting.

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