Winter 2013 a la Bonnie and Clyde

Few worlds are more escapist than film or fashion.  Time and even logic are sometimes suspended all for the creation of an alternate reality that is easily accepting of excesses of the imagination.   Through these dreamscapes everything is possible so long as it accentuates a desired aesthetic effect or moves the story into new directions.

The most banal thing one could ever utter either at a fashion parade, to a fashion magazine or film are the words: “That’s not very realistic”.

That’s often the point.  Reality is all around us and for free!  So yes, indeed whilst reality sometimes may cameo on the runway or on celluloid, its dosage needn’t be high.  That’s not why we leave ever increasing amounts of $ for a ticket + popcorn, nor why we buy the scented glossies.  Fashion spreads are photo narratives whilst film narratives weave fashion through the frames leaving one beguiled and mesmerised!

Reality is rarely mesmerising in quite the same way as film, because our experience of it is never comprehensive and our filters often times blind us from appreciating the overall magic of the moment.

Our mind’s film experience, is our retrospective rear view mirror, otherwise known as Memories

Our memories can make that man taller, his eyes kinder, our step lighter, the dance longer… the winter colder or maybe it snowed?… the sun warmer and the laughter louder.  When I arrived to Melbourne in March, many moons ago,  from the tropical climate of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, I couldn’t bear the cold!  A few times I stepped in to the shower fully dressed and only undressed once the hot water was on me.   Sometimes i think I showered that way every time, but i know it wasn’t so, it may as well have been.  Ironically  now March doesn’t even seem so as cold.  Back then I could swear it was positively Antarctic!

Our memories are…  the edited Director’s cut of our life, once it’s been lived, it  cannot be changed in place, but it can be changed in time… in the time sequence of our thoughts, in the filmic landscape of our mind.

Which brings me to films gone past and fashion of present…

Among the fashion trends for autumn/winter 2013, I’ve noticed the very feminine loose tailored film noir looks, graceful, demure, very French in style which among other things call to mind one particular film, where fashion was a key character, (no speaking parts yet set the tone in full volume), carried with panache and elegance, by pistol toting Faye Dunaway, in Bonnie and Clyde.

The fun of fashion, is that it lets you play through various styles, through its use of concepts, line, colour, understatement, beauty or surprise.

So here are some current, very simple winter looks you can use, which i love because they are reminiscent of this very chic film.  The pencil skirt i think is my new favourite garment as its line seems to flatter all body shapes whilst being elegant and sensual.

et voila…

The figure hugging Pencil Skirt, paired with an understated top,

minimal accessories


   bonnie-clyde faye-dunaways-style-bonnie-and-clyde-4-e1346686941915




The casual elegance of a Black & White V line, form fitting black tailored jacket essential,

fluid, feminine form whether in pants or skirt





The Bob Haircut

Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.


She wears His hat



The White Trench Coat


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? anne-hathaway-290 Girl-Crush-Kate-Middleton-480x590

Fashion and film can be experienced any way the viewer chooses.  

Whatever you wear, remember the look is less about perfection and all about the attitude and





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