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Why I Started Passionista Femme International



Feel free to pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, tea, yerba mate or mate de coca and join me!


Passionista… be passionate for life regardless of the judgement by others.  Let your life be fashioned by your passions, what you love, what lights you up.

Femme… opening up the experience of all women guided by my Parisian inspired perspective of appreciation, hence I’ve used the French form for the word Woman.

Femininity in an over masculinised society must find its place, with dignity and strength.

International… remembering that our reality is not the only version. We can learn and empathise with the sensibilities and view points of those around the world, who’s lives are as valid as our own despite our differences. In combination this life is such a delightfully fascinating place to explore!



I’ve spent more than 2/3 of my life living in Australia, arriving from South America. I have retained a Bolivian identity and connection to my home country. A mix of Andean and Amazonian indigenous cultural influences, and Spanish Sephardic and Catholic.

Migrants in Australia tend to speak in one voice, homogenous.  Accents are toned out.  Cultural influences are kept in the background and multicultural Australia blends into an ideologically smooth puree.

Our ethnic presence is shared on the proviso it provides borderline cliche colour, tastes and cheerful sounds at well organised festivals. Beyond this, there is little intercultural intellectual exchange.

However our “ethnic” one dimensional, politically correct image is not completely true to who we are. Our cultural mentality is kept private, shared only when amongst our own cultural group. We’ve learnt how to “pass” and this is essentially the equivalent of faking an orgasm.

Our experience of Australia itself is one that rarely matches anything we see depicted in the media. Not only in lack of representation of different nationalities, but in speaking our various perspectives, bringing forward our different and unique energy. Each culture brings a gift in it’s group energy that isn’t being received, and therefore wasted.

We may not be completely invisible, but the vision of who we are is not 20/20.

One Bolivian. One Woman. One Voice ~


1995 At a street market in La Paz. I was 21 years old

The voice that I want to bring forward, starts with my own.  At times it whispers, at others it thunders. I’m patient. It takes courage to raise a non Anglo voice in an Anglo dominated world.  Its melody is different. Imbued with the hues, temperament and humour of a cultural fusion of indigenous & european spanning centuries if not more.

I am a woman whom whilst fully embracing life in this country, retains a proud sense of her own cultural identity. I am not afraid, nor ashamed to let that be one of the filters through which this current 1st world reality is viewed. I have stopped trying to “pass”. I have stopped trying to pretend I’m a version of an anglo saxon in my mentality.

The 3rd world girl is still very much alive in the 1st world woman I’ve grown into.

Have you ever wondered what a Latin American’s impressions may be on life in Australia?   What drives our appetite for life?  Where we define our boundaries figuratively speaking?

Inspiration ~


The motto of this blog is “A world where women’s passions are always in fashion”.

The world of women’s rights, issues & aspirations is at the forefront of my attention.

My solidarity with other women has increased thanks to the solidarity and support many of them extended to me.  Women friends from all around the globe have been vital to my healing and learning over the years.

From this experience of female solidarity I’ve become particularly tuned in to ways in which women support each other and the ways we don’t.

In all aspects of life, my focus is to create and extend honest and positive female consciousness. I wish to bring out the beauty, passion, intelligence & dignity that our gender has been bestowed with and which often society denies us.

I’m less interested in what is politically correct than what is true experience.

There’s nothing lukewarm about a Latina.  Life should is lived with spark, depth & passion or not at all. This is the energy I bring with me to every aspect I engage in. It is the oxygen I was taught to breathe.

I welcome you to this space, Bienvenidos.  I wish you all the best & thank you for your time.

Viva la Vida!


Artwork by Bolivian artist Mamani Mamani

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