Seeing the Seine

My “tourist plan” for most days was as follows: leave the apartment, walk in any direction guided by my intuition and interest in what I see around me, follow nice smells, happy sounds,  beautiful things. I looked forward to the prospect of being incredibly lost, so long as what was around me was pleasant and ONLY when Absolutely necessary consult with the map!

(note to self: come back for some of these posters and trinkets later)


After all, one street was the same to me as any other would be, unfamiliar.  By doing this I ended up stumbling upon the sight of the River Seine and it was a magnificent surprise to look up et voila!  I was still experiencing vertigo and dizziness from the flight, so my gaze tended to be to the ground, I couldnt trust my “spatial awareness”.


The first thing I noticed was the sandcastle and wondered who could have made it and how it was undestroyed… then I realised it was a sculpture and saw the water. There she is.

It looks like a scenery in a fairytale…..

Once I saw the Seine, I connected with this city in a way I hadn’t anticipated. Can water speak? Can its flow awaken your own?

I turned to walk along the the river parallel to the Louvre and couldn’t believe how huge it was. In the distance I sensed an omnipresence, my steps coming to a halt without understanding why. There she was. The tower. Touchdown. Now I was in Paris.


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