“Getting frustrated and not to mention confused, she cries. Her tears flood the hallway.” Day 3 in Paris


Day 3 in Paris.

I wake up looking forward to exploring the city, but as soon as I get up the dizziness that is now my constant companion, is again moving walls around me and floor from under me.  The whole flight to France I’d done all the “right” things: drunk lots of water, moved around to keep the circulation going, rested, done little exercises etcetc ad infinitum….others had drunk wine non stop and slept… I wondered how they were faring…

In any case, I felt so alone with no one to help and started worrying about what if something worse happened to me? I have ABSOLUTELY NO ONE that can help me.  What was I thinking to think I could travel alone, as if the world was my home?!  I didnt even want to go out the red door, and all the way down those 6 flights of stairs again…. at the very least I needed an operating phone to communicate with Australia should I get in trouble. So I made my way as far as the rail outside the door, but the vertigo at the staircase was too much!


I came back into the apartment like a coward. Frustrated with myself because I wanted to cry (but didn’t -ok maybe a little), I wanted to go out (but couldn’t). Iwanted to see Paris and not waste a minute more, sleeping, resting, being inside…. but the dizziness was overwhelming. The safest, most sensible thing to do, was to surrender to reality, go back to my room and wait for this unreasonable dizziness to subside.


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