Parrots in Paris

Growing up in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia we were lucky to be surrounded by beautiful macaws and all sorts of parrots.  We had 2 as pets…one of them could sing Julio Iglesias songs. They were always so funny and affectionate and loved being tickled on the tummy.

In Australia I’ve had a parrot as a pet and she was wonderful also.  Parrots have always been the animal that gives me most joy and I always consider it an auspicious sign and make a wish when 2  parrots, usually Rosella’s fly over me.

On the day we brought my 1st born son home, the tree immediately near the entrance door was filled with dozens of Rainbow Lorikeets and they stayed there for 3 consecutive days and then left on the 4th…it was like a Welcoming.

Parrots have always been special …needless to say I was Very Happy upon seeing the decor at the apartment I’d arrived to.. this really was meant to be my home in Paris.

the pantry

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