"Unfortunately Alice has left the key high above on the table"

My boys & husband farewell me at the airport. My eldest, Seb & Luc are happy for me to go on an adventure. Ben is sad and very clingy. Chris, my baby is just tired and has no idea what is happening, but he wants the donut I just bought, so I get him another one and then he just wants to go home.

I thought I may get teary, but I’m so excited and just trying to focus on not forgetting anything that I dont let my thoughts get melancholic at all. It’s so weird going from living with someone and sharing the details of remembering things to embarking on your own and having to remember it all yourself. My memory is very bad… I blame anaesthetics during childbirth and other operations…so … focus, focus!

At customs I’m asked to open my luggage. I search for my keys for a good 15 min EVERYWHERE when I realise… I forgot my luggage keys!! doh! Anyway, customs officers are very clever and I learn how zippers are opened without keys. It seems locks are just decoration. They inspect my things, confiscate items like toothpaste and some other toilettries that should have gone in checked luggage. I’m starting to wonder if I should keep lists of things… but 2min later forget about that and get distracted by duty free shopping.

An hour later I receive a text from my husband telling me he found the keys I’d left on the computer desk at home.

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