Awaiting in Stillness


Its 1am, my second last night at home. All is quiet, dark. Thank God the boys always sleep so well and only when they’re sick might they wake up for something. The husband is tolerating the pc being on cause its better than the tv being on. I’m trying to stay awake till 6am at which time it will be 10pm Paris time and then I’ll sleep till 2pm Oz time, which will make it 6am French time and a good enough hour to start the day. I figure doing this 2 nights before i arrive will help this old bod adjust to the change in time.

Luggage is packed. Menu with recipes I can cook that are tasty and fast is printed out. Shopping list of items I’ll need upon arrival is written. Most needed phrases in French are printed out too. I feel a sense of containment at this stage, like racers waiting at their mark.

I’m slowly unplugging from the familiar here… I’m trying hard not to think about how I’ll miss my boys or I’ll be a mess in no time. Especially as Beni just had the cutest photos taken at kinder.

Luc drew some pictures for me… one of SpongeBob cause he says SpongeBob is always going on adventures he can go with me to Paris. I usually find Sponge Bob so annoying, I cant believe he’ll be my travel “companion” haha but Luc did a sweet job drawing it and I love him for it.

I guess i’ll surf the net for cool places to visit while i wait for 6am to arrive… am feeling so tired my head hurts. Better to suffer a migraine here than over there I suppose.

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